• Lewis Stephens

Screen Time

Sleep was overdue. The hour grew late and my focus was dwindling. The world had changed so much in a mere hour. My Life, upside down. My Psyche, a maze of backstabbing, suspicion and lies as I lie there, anticipating... How was this chapter to end? The worst of it being that I hadn’t realised I’d only just dipped my toe in, from here on out, season one to six. My journey had begun, I’d completed my first series of game of thrones and I was chasing the dragon.

It started when I was sprawled on the sofa, mindful of my slack posture, waiting for something to happen. The world at my fingertips so I chose something the world was watching. What have I got to lose? A friend exclaimed before telling me… “You’ll love it”. It’s like a medieval EastEnders. From one hit a night to five. Before I know it, I’m shooting up an episode before I’ve even got out of bed and my friends think I’m talking funny.

This anxious account of my inner sitting down adventures is a bit sarcastic and I’m just teeing something up to get off my chest. Muddled at the extremely loud but silent bond we have built with our screens they are… quite popular? I spend a substantial amount of time vacantly staring at my glorified Gameboy that I fear I too am engaging in a nation-wide state of stupor. I can put in a five-hour shift on game of thrones for breakfast and then write the rest of the day off. Why is it so easy to come back for more, am I addicted? or is it just the gripping fantasy that has me calling in another episode at 3am?

Information and opinion are in abundance. As Is screen time. The worlds weight pressing down with every push of a notification. Endless articles, enticingly written and packed with sexy tension and drama. Pumped out 24 hours a day. No wonder there’s so much for the youth to run away from! The issues of the world are in our inboxes, letterboxes and Xbox’s and being used by kids still young enough to be playing in cardboard boxes. I’m yet to get out of bed and if I wanted I could see it all. People I agree with, people I don’t… Both wrote with polished and easy to digest sides of the fence. Is the world even that broken?

Therefore, I zone out for hours on my screen because ignorance is bliss and readily available.

How will this alternate reality serve us in the future? A search through our recent history hints somewhat completely. Will a world that grows more comfortable expressing themselves with an emoji rather than an adjective leave us all feeling a bit 😕?

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