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Sam Boon - Epsom Market/Clothes Artist Episode #3

Updated: May 25, 2020

In 1685 Lady Elizabeth Evelyn, the lady of the manor in Epsom, was granted permission by James II to run a market in Epsom - fast forward a few years and this particular guest Sam Boon, who marks the third episode of our Epsom based podcast, has a stall on that very same market. The dictionary defines a market as "a regular gathering of people for the purchase and sale of provisions, livestock, and other commodities" So yeah now that we've cleared that up…

A small stretch of community run stalls excites the pants of us and although guest number 3 doesn't sell those (we think) what he does sell is a variety of vintage clothes which are both nostalgic and current (which is as many adjectives as i am qualified to use on fashion).

However, we were more interested in his other range - his own handcrafted baby ‘Sweet Nothing Aparell’.

Sweet Nothing Aparell is a subversive clothing range which makes us think punk rocker but we are aware that’s probably not what is it - What we do know is that each piece of art tends to hold an obvious message that the artist wants the observer to understand and possibly represent. That's cool dude.


Gone have the days of Lady Elizabeth Evelyn, the idea of market is still the same, but advertising has come a long way. In this age we sell and advertise and buy and socialise and play and store and watch and navigate and maybe one or two other things online. In principle it's all still the same stuff - Be creative, stand out, have good products and sell sell sell. Now however you are competing on a global scale which unfortunately means you are against global competitors. Little old Sam.


How good is the idea of a local market for people like Sam or anyone - A place of free interaction, real social contact and if it's all getting a bit much go in the cafe and do cafe stuff.. As he stands by his stall in the market arting all over a jacket he intends to sell, taking requests on what he should put on the jacket he must be thinking 'this is what it's all about'.

So by all means go online, search for things you like the look of, but maybe, just maybe after hearing this discussion there's a chance you could think - Hey, i like the idea of social interaction, supporting, embracing and being part of my community - Maybe i'll head down to the market and see what they have.

We think this idea is a hole in the market

Make It Wayne

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