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Rhys Crowther - Series 2 #1 Local Musician

Epsom, the home to the University Of Creative Arts (Or UCA),Laines Theatre Arts and the Epsom Playhouse, alongside two nightclubs Fever and Boutique and The Boogie Lounge. If aliens were spying on us for their own scientific reasons I’m sure they’d go “Hey Zlarpfungulus, that small gathering of stone houses just below the big gathering of stone they call London, there’s a lot of art, culture and music celebrated there” to which Zlarpfungulus might respond “Yeah you know what Danny I think you could be right”

And Zlarpfungulus would be correct in his hypothesis. All the more reason that for the first episode of the ‘Why Aren’t You Normal Epsom’ (WAYNE) podcast we have featured someone who has played an integral part of the podcasts development so far – Rhys Crowther.

Rhys went to Glyn School and has hung around these parts for a lot of his life, in his spare time he writes, produces and sings his own music which at this stage of his journey focuses on speaking about mental health and making dope hip hop beats. We explore 3 of his songs using the Epsom Podcasts newest feature ‘WAYNEmusic’ (A new segment featuring local artists variety of work every episode), revelling in the internal and external glory of creating your own art. ‘Feel Something’ the debut single to be released from Rhys (and also debut WAYNEmusic track) feels like a song created for late night drive through the community of Epsoms streets, the occasional streetlamp gliding and guiding you through a meandering, melancholy mood into a much more meaningful mindset.

Once settling into this journey sit back and take In Rhys’ insights into song-writing, production and process. Hip Hop and healing. Pastimes and privilege. With plenty more podcast waffle in between.

This is the WAYNE Podcast, the podcast that is getting right into Epsom, the real Epsom in all its diversity. If you enjoy this work, or see a greater need for community connection please help and support us by liking and sharing our posts on Facebook and Twitter, telling your friends if you liked a on episode or piece of music or send people our way if you think they may like to come on on the show

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