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Paul Taylor - What's On In Epsom Website Episode #2

Paul, an Epsom man born and bred was doing Paul stuff one cold, wet and grey bank holiday afternoon when he first wondered what exactly goes on around these parts? Bored and looking for a small way to bring something to the town, join WAYNE as we discuss Paul’s journey braving the new language of technology and social media to, after many evolutions, create a website that connects 23,000 people with plain and simple information, no secret political or financial gains to be made (aside small fee’s for business but free for charity/schools/groups etc) , he just cares about giving people a voice and platform using a method which is the starting steps to what is potentially the future of communication… in our tiny small market town of Epsom. How great is that.

The variety in Paul's career is exciting for a podcast like ours (variety and diversity is our thing), proudly working with his dad as the only blacksmiths in the city of London in the 80’s and then after a 19 year and 11-month career at the post office being told to re-apply for his job...eventually not getting it. Paul explains ‘you can learn anything from walking down the street’ and we believe him and after what many would consider to be a knockout blow this week’s guest kept his eyes open and unwittingly started the website that would become his full time job. WOIE was born

How does Paul feel about social media, the internet and how much it is going to affect our lives In the future? Find out in this podcast. What does Paul think about censorship when it comes to posting on his page? Find out in this podcast. Did Pauls website land him a spot in the winners circle as a press to photograph Frankie Detorri for his website? Yes he did. That one was obvious.

Paul’s online wizardry merges, connects and informs both online and offline worlds delivering various information to various people on various topics to thousands every day all because he was sitting at home with no idea what to do one afternoon. Adapting to the new world of technology can be scary - but understanding how it can help without becoming a slave to it is the key that both Paul and WAYNE conclude in the end of this one.

WAYNE - The Epsom Community Podcast

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