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Orlando Jenkinson - Surrey Comet Journo Episode #4

Every so often, scrolling through your news feed, you will come across an article written at one of the local comets, within those conglomerations of comets you will find, the Epsom Comet. When something big happens like ‘local professional pet detectives find missing cat’ (Listen to this episode for that story). There is 100% chance (at the time of writing this) that this article has been written by our penultimate guest of WAYNE series 1 - Orlando Jenkinson.

Lewis and Orlando have done this sort of stuff before… in reverse. Previously the journalist had been following the cyclist as he followed the hosts UK coastal cycle ride completed last year over a 4-month period. But this time the roles were reversed as it was time for us to ask the journalist the questions.

A no holds barred chat about local journalism. We marinate on journalisms essence and what it could do to compete with the infamous 'Clickbait' that is plaguing our newsfeeds now? . Is the media still 'speaking truth to power' as it was originally intended to do? Find out in this podcast. What is the deal with these pet detectives!? (We're not going to tell you otherwise you won't listen) Find out in this podcast!

How does one find himself in this role though? Go to school, go to uni and get a journalism degree and work your way up from the bottom? NOPE - That would be societies normal way of doing it but this is WHY AREN'T YOU NORMAL EPSOM and we believe there is a million different ways to get to be doing something that suits you. Orlando originally was picked up by somebody whilst living in Buenos Aires who saw his blogs and gave him a break at a national newspaper

With the opportunities the internet has provided in giving you a voice, it has also raised the volume you need to shout. National news can feel so far away from us, making us feel all sad and useless - Whereas local journalism and great community based podcasts 😉 make us feel part of something, good or bad. Local news is stuff happening on your doorstep and the more of us become involved interact with it the stronger and more helpful it COULD become. (Providing those pesky clickbaiters stay away)

Make It Wayne

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