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Ollie Adams - Pro Rugby Player Episode #6

Yes we know we have already had a Personal Trainer and he might also have been an old school friend but this one was worth it we promise. He is also a professional rugby player.

In the fifth episode of the podcast that focuses on the 'not normal' of Epsom residents (heads up, we don't think there is such a thing as normal) - to explore their unique experience because, you know, it's good for our unique experience. This is WAYNE - the podcast that feasts on the variety on Epsom.

A momentus, heartwarming episode as despite being very good friends this week's guest Ollie Adams was good friends at school, actually playing together for entirety of their school career. The pair hadn't seen each other since leaving school 6 years previous and we feel the genuineness radiates through this podcast making it a very pleasant listen, receiving a record amount of fan mail applauding the episode (3...So far).

Ollie currently plays at London Welsh, and played for England 18's (at the time of writing this) and with the second division (think the championship of rugby) facing cuts and people losing jobs, loads of people are thinking about the future of their career being practical after the 'rugby bubble' bursts and leaves them on the floor all splattered. Which is the premise of this episode ultimately - describing (very well) the implications of staying motivated whilst injured and then having an honest look into the future, as well a walkthrough of the road to becoming a professional sportsmen which is pretty darn cool.

He describes his unrelenting passion to play professional rugby and the two compare their lifestyles over the past 6 years with Ollie delivering a corker of a quote "Maybe i look back and think I could have enjoyed myself a little bit more, you maybe a little bit less" making an excellent point to not worry about what you do because you can always find something to regret if you really try. Even though both testified to WAYNE they have no regrets.

Ollie understands there was nothing he could have done to prevent getting injured, this sound line of thinking stopped him being defeated. Instead, as a result of these setbacks he had to look elsewhere for fulfillment. The realisation that rugby would eventually end and this could leave Ollie in a precarious position later on in his career. So after the first injury causing him to go to uni and study law, the second injury causing him to realise there is a whole world outside, there is a lot to learn from Ollies style of thinking and he expresses it with brilliantly.

So if you need some motivation or meditation today - Make it WAYNE all over your life with this episode.

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