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Joey Knight - Boxer Episode #7

Welcome to the undisputed, 7th episode, 7th Epsom smash hit with 7-0 @queensbury boxer @Joeyknight ...It’s WAYNE...LETS GET READY TO PODDDDCCAAST..

The season finale of Epsoms #1 podcast welcomes Queensbury Regional Boxing champion Joey Knight to the Epsom Hospital Radio's studio - Just a couple weeks before lockdown was announced our guest is undefeated in 7 fights and going into this episode we were excited.

If you followed the Queensbury league online you would admit he has a big show to put on... But as much as WAYNE enjoys the show, we wanted to know how you maintain yourself at this level.

'Too much confidence' was Joey's first response as he looked back to the first time he got into the ring, a mindset that went on to serve him well but if any boxing film WAYNE has ever seen is true, he would have to start at the basics. So after an all nighter in Ibiza sitting on the beach with his mates, Joey decided that when he got home we wanted to become a boxer, and as the sun started to rise it’s easy to excuse it is a dream but many, many hours in the gym later – Here we are.

A common trait the scientists at WAYNE studios have noticed throughout series 1 is how our guests usually stumble upon there chosen ‘not normal’ as a release –Whether it is Orlando in episode 6 with writing, or George in episode 1 with lifting weights. Joey is no different in this respect but what intrigues us is that no matter what you do, when it comes to fight night - He needs to be ready. How do you deal with that pressure?

As WAYNE's favorite rapper Kendrick Lamar once said – “A dreams only a dream, if work don't follow it” So listen to this episode to hear all about the work behind an unbeaten boxer.

So why did Joeys coach not let him spar for the first 6 months? Find out in this podcast. What is Joeys view on the importance of maintaining a healthy mind as well as body? Find out in this podcast. What is it like being punched in the face? Find out in this podcast.

As we draw to an end to the debut season of WAYNE we are very proud looking back at the people we interviewed, how they built themselves to the position they are in and most importantly – beginning to understand how there is no such thing as normal anymore. Setting us in good steed for series 2 which will aim to explore how this new lockdown reality we are temporarily living in has given us a glimpse in to the future of existing in our local town.

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