• Lewis Stephens

George Lewinski Series 2 #2 - Personal Trainer

George Lewinski was the first ever guest way back in January 2020 and a whole lot has happened to Epsom since then. He has returned to give you a kick up the bottom which is aimed in the direction of looking after your self and health over the lockdown.

If your feeling down, physically or mentally then George wants you to look at your habits be that diet, screen time or routine. Changing the ‘habit loop…Feeling low, indulging in your bad habit, feeling high but then feeling inevitably low again. You can’t really eradicate a habit, but you can change them slowly, “If you can be 1% better a day, then you’ll be 365% better at the end of the year”… Alright I’m not doing any more of it for you, you’ll have to listen to the podcast to get the rest of this Epsom tribesman wisdom…

The WAYNE Podcast is looking within it’s town for strength, support and a more fulfilling life, this week it’s George, next week it will be Kira from the @womenandgirlsnetwork to discuss women’s rights and what’s being done in the town to help that, next week someone completely different. It’s never ending!

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