• Lewis Stephens

George Lewinski - Personal Trainer/Bodybuilder Episode #1

Upon first glance bodybuilding and personal training seems to be your fairly normal pursuit of self perfection and precision body sculpting - But like most things, the more you learn the less you know, and to save me getting In a gym and learning myself, we welcome George who likes it enough to be in there every day to give us his professional opinion. He has a positive, knowledgeable outlook and big arms so you can trust him.

In 2016 whilst green keeping for his local golf course, our guest started to think about his future and whether this was what he wanted to do, was he becoming too comfortable? In recent years you may have been expected to know with staunch confidence what you had planned for the rest of your life, increasing social issues around things like mental health, divorce rates and the acceleration of technology are making us at WAYNE question our plans regularly.

No matter how you spend quarantine time or normal time, job or hobby, exercise keeps you sharp. So what initially made George decided he wanted a job like this? Find out in this podcast. What books and techniques does he advise for staying motivated? Find out in this podcast. What’s the answer to life’s big questions? Find out in this podcast.

But, when doing weights, what does it take to convince your brain to send a message to your body to do something it has never done before? A lot of preparation and tweaking.. which WOULD go on to benefit life outside the gym. George explains maybe there is no way of telling what type of jobs are going to become available in the future, but when you hear him speak about the benefits of maintaining yourself both mentally and physically and being prepared to deal with the next challenge instead of stressing about finding a challenge.. We reckon he is right.

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